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For different projects I have created short films. From the storyboard to the final editing.


short videos - storytelling - art direction

We all love to brown some onions inside of our pasta bolognese and to grate some fine parmesan cheese on top of our pasta. And sun dried tomatoes or aged cheese gets so much richer in flavour. Why is that? And what do these ingredients have in common? Freya Punie and I made a short film to get people to realise they are already familiar with the fifth taste, Umami.

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Mulholland drive

short videos - storytelling - art direction

Inspired by David Lynch his mysterious film Mulholland Drive, I created a title sequence, different than the original. With the title sequence I give the viewer a hint of what's to come, literally and metaphorically. Filmed and edited by me.

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short videos - storytelling - art direction


Born to an artist and a scientist I was destined to dip my feet in both worlds. I have a strong curiosity for thorough research and setting clear objectives and goals, while at the same time leaving space for serendipity and surprises that might change the path we're walking on.

Talking with people, and actually listening to them, asking questions, finding out what drives them is what intrigues me. My empathy and curiosity led me to different fields and jobs, and I thrive in situations where I keep on learning and developing my skill set. I love learning new things, not just in one field. This resulted in a messy CV, but the way I look at it is that I have a lot of transferable skills.  At this moment I am looking to join a team where there is room for collaboration, growth and empathy.

In my free time I am currently learning Python. I take analog photos and enjoy live music* and dancing.
*you can often find me at a Roda de Samba.

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